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It goes without saying that you can assemble the documentation to support your L-1 petition, but can you present it so that the USCIS approves it?  Adequate documentation is a key part of the submission.  Sometimes an RFE is unavoidable but, with our help, you can make it less likely.  The year 2020 will bring many changes to how the L-1 visa is adjudicated.  Our attorney-approved plans, already well-accepted by the USCIS, have been updated to ensure they meet the new guidelines.  Don't take a chance.  Contact us about our immigration business plans to:

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An L-1 immigration visa business plan is only as solid as the documentation on which it is based...

*Sampling of Documentation With Which We Can Help

  • Letters of Designation/Authorization With Content Based on Current 2020 Requirements
  • Employment Verification
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Beneficiary Resume
  • Description of Foreign Company Investment
  • Five-Year Financials, Including Projections
  • Description and Definition of Foreign Enterprise Status/Operation
  • Description and Definition of US Operation
  • Organization Charts and Job Descriptions
  • VIBE (Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises), Which We Obtain at No Charge
  • RFE Responses

Our L-1 Immigration Visa Business Plans Are For Attorneys, Petitioners and Beneficiaries Alike...